What is Hamsa?

The word Hamsa is Hansa in Sanskrit and Al Khamsa in Arabic and is an ancient symbol in the Middle Eastern culture. This symbol is known to have the power to protect and give you prosperity and happiness. It is believed that Jews started using this as a protection against the evil eye. Jews call this Hamsa as the hand of Miriam who is known to be sister of Moses. Hamsa is also called the hand of God.


Muslims also believe in this Hamsa hand and call it the Hand of Fatima who was the daughter of Prophet Mohammed. Hamsa is referred to be the 5 important pillar of Islam. Hamsa is a versatile symbol that is used as wall hanging, pendant and people also use it in their cars as a symbol of good luck.


At times people find it very difficult to decide that where they can use Hamsa so that it brings luck, prosperity and protects them from evils. It entirely depends on your feelings that where and how you use Hamsa. You can use it in your living room as a wall hanging, wear it as pendant, hang it in the kitchen or use it in your car.


People also doubt if they should use the Hamsa with fingers pointing down or pointing upwards. Hamsa with fingers pointing upwards is used for getting protection against evil powers. Fingers pointing down symbolize coming down of blessings of God to the place where Hamsa is hanged.


Hamsa means five and according to numerology this number which is also a prime number brings in lot of good fortune, power and protects you from evil. In Hebrew the fifth letter “Hey” means God and the Hebrew letter yad looks like Hamsa and means hand. Yad is the 14th letter and according to numerology the total of 14 is 5 which is the number for Adonai or hey.


According to Chinese Philosophy number 5 is the symbolic representation of the 5 senses and 5 main elements namely Fire, Earth, Water, metal, and wood. The number 5 is also seen in the Pentagram which is the defense emblem.


If you notice then the Pentagon in Washington DC is also five sided and it was designed to house the department for war around the time of joining of USA in the World War 2. Pentagon is also known as a symbol of power for United States.

This article is quiet informative and tell us that how Hamsa, the pentagram, Pentagon and Seal of Solomon are connected and all of them symbolize power, success and protection from evil.


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