Unique and Trendy Jewish Jewelry

The different cultures of the world bring a juicy combination of various accessories. A variety of cultures adds to the diversity of unique touches from various nooks and crannies of the world. The most amazing fact about antique jewelry coming from different cultures is the uniqueness and signature style of that particular culture. For instance, Egyptian jewelry speaks volumes of its originating style and signature touches all the way from Egypt. Similarly, Jewish jewelry is unique in its own right. Israeli and Jewish jewelry is one of the trendiest around the globe. Some of the features that account for its specialty are described below.

Jewish Jewelry

Necklace and Pendants

Several designs fall under this category. Pendants and necklaces are one of the most used jewelry articles. Selected for one’s own self or purchased as a gift for someone especial, a pool of variety is available to choose from.

Necklaces and pendants range from stylish contemporary silver to sacred texts from the Jewish belief. Ornaments with designs such as the Star of David, Chai Mezuzah, and Roman Glass are crafted with great skill. Hebrew letters and Hebrew name pendants are also available to choose from.

Jewish Rings

Gold, silver, or platinum, whatever the base you are looking for, you will find unique Jewish rings. These rings come embossed with Hebrew sacred texts, prayers, and holy names. The extensive variety covers both genders and is suitable for all occasions.

If you are a believer in the Jewish faith, then a plus point for you is that the rings come with special prayers of protection as well. You can get rings with prayers for healing, increased wealth, and evil eye protection. Rings also come with love expressions, perfect for a wedding gift to your better half.

Jewish Bracelets

Jewish jewelry offers bracelets that are unisex as well as separate for each gender. The material may be gold, silver, Roman glass or leather as per your choice and preference.

Jewish Bracelet

Men’s Jewish Jewelry

Jewish motifs such as Shema Yisrael and Star of David give touches of singularity to the Jewish jewelry.  Men’s jewelry abounds in a wide variety and extends to various articles of ornaments such as rings, bracelets and pendants. All the articles of jewelry come with touches of Jewish culture and religion such as the jewelry designs that are rich in holy texts, Hebrew names, and prayers. Leather belts are a unique feature of Jewish jewelry.

Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah jewelry includes sacred passages from the holy book. These signify protection against evil eye and cover prayers for prosperity, wealth, health, love and much more. Designs of 72 names of God and kings of Israel are also elegantly crafted in Jewish Kabbalah jewelry. A broad variety of themes come under the Kabbalah jewelry.


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