Star of David Pendant

The Star of David is one of the most prominent emblems in the Jewish tradition. Star of David is a very common feature in Jewish jewelry, worn by many Jewish men and women all across the world. The Star of David has drastically become a prominent sign of Jewish identity in the last few decades. However, it seems like it has always been this way. In fact, the Star of David is a relatively new motif, started to become well known only by the end of the 19th century, as it was adopted by the Zionist movement. Today Star of David pendant is worn by Jewish men and woman all across the world. Why has the Star of David pendant become such a popular Judaica item?

Star of David Pendant

It is traditionally believed that the Star of David pendant draws positive energies to those who wear it. Wearing the Star of David pendant is also a wonderful way of expressing one’s faith and collective identity. Many people also see Star of David as a sign of connection to the state of Israel, as the Star of David decorates its national flag.


The Hebrew name points to the likely origin of the symbol. The English translation of Magen David to Star of David might be a little misleading. The Hebrew word Magen means a protector or a shield and refers to the shape of King David’s shield. As the legend tells, the six-pointed Star that was used as a shield by King David and his warriors has brought divine protection and led King David and his men to their great victories. Wearing a Star of David to this day is believed to draw divine protection to the bearer.


Archeological findings suggest that the Star of David was used in the Middle Ages by many communities around the world as a tool to fight evil spirits and negative energies. Star of David was not an exclusive symbol of Jewish identity. In the seventeenth-century things have started to take a turn as more and more European communities started to use the Star of David as a sign of their community. Then, the symbol was adopted by the Zionist movement and became very well known. In World War Two, the Nazis used the yellow badges to mark the Jewish people out of the other populations. When Israel was established in 1948, the Star of David was included on its national flag (not without a controversy). It seems like, within minutes, the Star of David has turned from a badge of shame to a sign of collective pride.


Today, Star of David pendant is proudly worn by Jewish people, religious and non-religious. Wearing the Star of David is a common expression of faith, as well as it demonstrates the bond and solidarity with the state of Israel and the Jewish nation and culture.


The Star of David pendant makes a great gift for Anniversaries, Bat Mitzvahs and acknowledging someone special to you. If you’d like to enjoy a uniquely designed Star of David pendant, we invite you to browse through our wide selection available here. Our Star of David pendants is handmade by Israeli artists from fine materials in assorted shapes and styles to perfectly match your taste and style.

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