Learn How Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry is Made

Handcrafted beaded jewelry is jewelry that is handmade using beads and a material to hold the beads together. The handcrafted beaded jewelry includes rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, belts, anklets, pendants, children’s jewelry, Jewish jewelry, bridal jewelry sets and other jewelry sets. The beads found in beaded jewelry can be manufactured from a variety of materials.

Jewish jewelry
The beads that are used to make the jewelry may be glass, crystal, wooden, ceramic, metal, pearl or stone. There are bead artists who create customized beads from different materials. It is possible to create birthstone jewelry with beads since precious and semi-precious stones are used to make beads. One piece of jewelry may have different varieties and sizes of beads used in its creation. For instance, a southwestern style necklace may have different sized silver, turquoise and coral beads on its strands.

Depending on the pattern or instructions that are used to make beaded jewelry, the jewelry item may have been woven. When handcrafted beaded jewelry is woven, the bead artist is able to create pictures on the item. A woven bracelet may have a depiction of roses against a leafy background on it or any other picture that is desired by the artist or customer. A bead artist can be very creative with woven jewelry in a similar way as the quilter or painter. It is possible to weave beads into different shapes that will suit the purpose of the ornament.

In that case, needles and a strong beading thread are used to weave the beads by hand or with a loom. The result will be a flat piece of beadwork. The flat beadwork is versatile and can be as tiny or large as the bead artist desires. If a small rectangular piece has two edges sewn together, it can be used to form a small bag as a pendant. A long woven piece of beadwork may be left flat to serve as a belt. If the two long edges are sewn together, the result is a beaded pipe form that can be used to create handsome necklaces or bracelets.

Thin wire can be used to create jewelry instead of the needle and thread. When wire is used for stringing beads, the jewelry is sturdier than the threaded beads. There is less room for creativity with the wired beads since they can only be strung on the wire but the simplicity of manufacture does not lessen the beauty of finely made beaded jewelry.

Handcrafted beaded jewelry is valued for its elegance and the hard work that goes into their manufacture. Bead artists need good eyesight, a steady hand and patience to create their jewelry. The many hours that a bead artist needs to create their jewelry are appreciated by anyone who has ever tried to use beads to make jewelry.

Many handcrafted items of beaded jewelry are one of a kind pieces that will not be duplicated again. Many collectors of handcrafted beaded jewelry can enjoy their jewelry decades after their purchase since the handcrafted beauty of the jewelry never goes out of style.


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