All About Jewish Bracelets

Bracelets are a very popular jewelry pieces, coming in different sizes and styles and featuring engraved designs and precious stones such as diamonds. Jewish themed bracelets are no exception and frequently sport the same designs although they also differ from regular bracelets because the designs present are Jewish in nature. Below is a short overview of the various types of Jewish-themed bracelets that are available for purchase. Jewish bracelets are great gift ideas for holidays such as Hanukkah.

Jewish Bracelets

Jewish bracelets come in the same styles as any other type of bracelet, as bangles, charms and ropes. The first type, bangles, are typically engraved with floral patterns like other bracelets, but also have engraved text. Text is fairly common and quite popular on bangles because of their larger size. Some of the most common texts found on these Judaica jewelry pieces include the Shema, the word “Chai”, lengthy Kabbalistic prayers and names. They may also be accompanied by an engraved object such as a Menorah. These bracelets are typically made from precious metals such as gold and silver and may be set with diamonds.

Jewish charm bracelets have the widest amount of variety. The bracelets can be engraved like bangles, but the engraving is usually upon a charm that is attached to the bracelet. Jewish charm bracelets are decorated with Judaica objects such as Stars of David, floral patterns and Hamsas as well as depictions of Jerusalem and the High Priest’s breastplate that featured 12 stones that represented the tribes of Israel. They also may feature the word Israel or the Israeli flag as well as small semi-precious stones and beads. The charms on these bracelets are typically made from metals such as nickel, pewter and silver.

Rope bracelets consist of a cord and metal pieces. The cord is usually black, blue, white or red. Red is popular amongst those who wish to marry for Kabbalistic reasons. The metal plates on rope bracelets also frequently sport metal plates or charms that have an engraving or sport a symbol important in Judaism such as a Star of David or Hamsa.

One other common type of Jewish-themed bracelet is a bracelet which has Hebrew names spelled out in blocks. These Jewish bracelets typically gave different charms on them but they all have a name in white blocks in the center.


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